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Welding and laser marking / Fanuc robots

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Cell 1:
ROBOTS: 1 Fanuc R-2000iB manipulator robot and a Fanuc M-710iC robot welder connected to a single controller (R-30iA).

DESCRIPTION: The parts are assembled manually outside the robot cell near the two entrance doors of the rooms. Once the assemblies are ready, the first enters the cell via the R-2000iB and the second enters the cell on a rail. The M-710iC then weld the sets.

Cell 2:
ROBOT: 1 robot welder / Fanuc R-2000iB marker (R-30iA).

DESCRIPTION: The robot is used for welding smaller assemblies of parts installed on a table. It is also used for the marking of metal parts installed on a support.

NUMBER OF PIECE MODELS: A variety of coin models.

MANDATE: Analysis and creation of an action plan to optimize the laser source, the robot program structure and the use of the IR camera. Creation of a virtual simulator for optimization tests of the laser source. Creation of Karel and TPP programs.

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