Automation in Quebec

Intelligent automation is at the heart of the 4th industrial revolution

Quebec’s most innovative manufacturers have already automated one or more stages of their production with the arrival of new US or European industrial technologies in the 1980s and 1990s.

That is why today, a large majority (73%) of Quebec manufacturing companies resort to some form of automation. However, more than half of them have little or marginal automation. If we consider that only those companies that are 50% or more automated have significantly changed their manufacturing processes, we can understand the reasons that motivate the Government of Quebec and other public organizations to encourage manufacturers to take the 4.0 turn.

It is estimated that nearly 7,500 robots are operating in Quebec. If these were imported from Europe or Asia in most cases, their integration (installation, engineering and programming costs as well as the purchase of peripherals) was done mostly by local companies.

A majority of companies already automated are planning to purchase additional equipment soon. According to a recent study for the Quebec Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation, more than 60% of heads of companies surveyed say they intend to increase the use of digital in their company.

Industry 4.0 – The futur of the industrial model

  1. Mechanization and hydraulic / steam energy
  2. Mass production, assembly lines and electrical equipment
  3. Computers / robotics and automation
  4. Merging physical, digital and human assets

For the Quebec Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation, ” the Industry 4.0 or the manufacturing plant of the future is characterized by intelligent automation and the integration of innovative technologies across the entire value chain of a company”.  See part 4 of the image.

Automation in Quebec is more than robots. It is a dynamic ecosystem of manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, integrators and distributors of parts and specialized components. Represented by both Canadian subsidiaries of foreign multinationals and 100% Quebec-owned SMEs.

Being added to this ecosystem of young companies or start-ups from incubators and accelerators focused on new advanced technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, machine language and artificial intelligence.

Sources: INDUSTRY 4.0 Survey of Quebec Manufacturing Companies, Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation, June 2017 and the study: The Advanced Manufacturing Sector – CATA Alliance + ScienceTech Communications, April 2017

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