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Spot welding / Fanuc Robots

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ROBOTS: Operating Station # 1 & 4: 2 Fanuc R-2000iB 165F robot / welding robots connected in pairs on the same controller (R-30iA). Operation Station # 3: 1 Fanuc R-2000iB 165F manipulator / welder robot and 1 Fanuc M-710iC manipulator robot connected in a duo on the same controller (R-30iA).

DESCRIPTION: To assemble its new metal partitions, the customer has invested in a robotic assembly cell. This allowed him to take a large part of his market. At the first operating station, two Fanuc R-2000iB robots together take a metal piece, up to 16 feet long, to deposit on a metal surface ranging in size from 40 to 48 inches wide and 7 to 16 feet wide. length, then weld it by points. Since the dimensions of these partitions can vary at each of them, the positions of the robots are mostly calculated (parametric robot programs). At the third operating station, the other two robots work together to assemble components inside. partitions. The M-710 removes parts from the magazines and places them inside the partition while waiting for the R-2000 to weld them.
The challenges were daunting. The M-710 regularly uses torque monitoring for its work.

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