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Production Floor Information system

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The mandate was to provide a system for collecting production data, calculating key indicators, and displaying them on screens distributed throughout the plant. This system called PIDS (Plant Information Display System) had to connect to machines used simultaneously on four production lines. These machines (6 in number) had to be modified to prevent their operation if they were not connected to the PIDS system when they were used on one of the four lines.

The solution provided was a control cabinet with a PLC for data acquisition, and performance calculations. This controller is connected to machines via Amphenol military connectors, for locking machines when not connected to the PIDS system. The calculated data is then sent to a SCADA system and archived for future reference.

Realization specifications

Realization details
Année de réalisation
Agroalimentaire Industrial data
Applications utilisées
acquisition de données Factory automation Collecte de données / Rapports Contru00f4les intégrés Ingénierie de systu00e8mes SCADA
Technologies utilisées
Régions du monde
Canada - Québec