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Pre-engineered robotic machine tool tending cell

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KUKA's System Partner Waybo has developed a series of pre-engineered machine tending cells featuring KUKA Robots that are ideal for automating high-mix low-volume manufacturing. They're compact, quick to install, and easy to configure to run new parts. For example, Précinov inc. bought its first PartNR cell in 2016. The installation was done in less than a day and the success was such that since then, they have bought two other PartNR cells. In less than three years, they now have three cells and several other projects in mind!

Waybo also offers customized solutions to adapt to different machines and the size of parts. For example, APF Villeneuve wanted to automate the loading and unloading of a horizontal two-table machining center. The installation that ended last December has been so beneficial for the company that it has ordered two other systems since.

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Waybo's PartNR cell is a turnkey robotic machine tool tending cell featuring KUKA’s KR AGILUS robot, designed for small to medium manufacturers. It’s compact, quick to install, and easy to configure to run new parts. Therefore, it’s ideal for low volume, high part mix manufacturing.

The PartNR cell combines the high speed and compact design of the KR AGILUS robot with a variety of feeding mechanisms: conveyor, angle feeder, carousel, grid. Because of its space-saving design it's easy to move from one machine to another.

Because the PartNR cell can run autonomously for many hours (and easily cover the night shift), they have a quick return on investment. The two models currently available - PartNR and CyberDrawers - can load and unload any new or existing CNC lathe or milling machine. But the KUKA robot can also perform additional tasks, such as marking, inspection, washing, etc.
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