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Electrostatic painting / Motoman robots

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ROBOTS: 3 Motoman EPX-2750 robots (NX-100) each equipped with a Nordson Encore gun.

DESCRIPTION: Robotic paint application cell using the electrostatic process. Each robot is mounted on a rail for greater flexibility. An aerial conveyor, in constant movement, conveys the parts to the robots. A vision system captures the dimensions and the angle of attachment of the parts and transmits them to the robots. The color is selected for a batch and the pieces of the same batch can be of different sizes.

MANDATE: Program robots to paint metallic housings of different sizes and colors. Robot programs are parametric to adjust the housing dimensions in real time and to easily change the positions and angles of the gun. Programming and testing were done on the MotoSim simulator. The challenge was to find the optimal course to avoid wasting time with gun rotation and limited space.

NUMBER OF PART MODELS: standard 6 “to 72” wide and 12 “to 24” high and 6 “to 18” deep.

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