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Complete factory automation and data supervision and acquisition system

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In February 2010, Dunn-Edwards awarded Centris the mandate to fully automate all production processes for their new plant in Phoenix, Arizona. The project started with a phase of architecture and requirements definition, followed by the the complete specifications writing from the raw material receiving to the execution of the recipes. The detailed development of the system followed to produce the first batch of paint at beginning of 2011, as the project plan stipulated.

The Centris team has developed an advanced control solution with ISaGRAF and numerous logical resources running the production processes. 6 Centris APC communicate with all the equipments. The control system is itself supervised by a SCADA (PcVue) which manages the execution of the recipes, coming from the ERP (SAP), using different touch screens, web and mobile.

Since the initial developement of the system, Centris has also supported the client through several phases of upgrades by adding equipments and functions according to client's needs and evolution. Centris Technologies is still today an important partner for Dunn-Edwards.

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Chimie Industrial data
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SCADA Ingénierie de systu00e8mes acquisition de données
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Logiciels Matériel informatique Ordinateurs (PC) Systu00e8mes de contru00f4le Programmation Industrielle
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