With the goal of increasing the number of research projects in robotic welding that the customer could undertake, the contents of the existing robotic welding laboratory were moved to a new room and a second robotic station was added. The move was an opportunity to upgrade the robots and their control systems.

PCI performed the following tasks
• Risk analysis for the machine safety.
• Risk analysis with regards to the welding process (laser, MIG, TIG…).
• Design of the main and remote control panels.
• Design of the machine safety control system.
• Design of the Ethernet network, including the switches, robots and field devices.
• Programming of the main PLC and of the machine safety logic.
• Programming of the operator interface.
• Configuration and programming of the two welding robots.
• Electrical installation.
• Commissioning and start-up of the complete solution.
• 24/7 support.