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Canada, now a safer haven for data storage

Among Sun Tzu’s many quotable maxims in The Art of War, he posited that in the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity. Global Relay Communications Inc. is taking that sentiment to heart with a major expansion into Britain and Europe in data storage.

The Vancouver-based data archiving company is in the process of opening new offices in London that will see total staff increase by 50 per cent to nearly 700 over the next two years. The move is being driven by the opportunities arising from the chaos of Brexit, and also by a growing global distrust in U.S. government data policies.

Distrust of U.S. makes Canada a safer haven for data storage

“It helps us, without question,” Global Relay founder and chief executive officer Warren Roy says of wariness of the United States. “European companies, if they had their choice, would prefer to store their data in Canada than in the United States.”

Global Relay, founded in 1999, offers archiving of e-mail, website, messaging and other data-based services. The company also provides surveillance, monitoring and discovery services for that data, which allows users to find “bad behaviour,” Mr. Roy says.

Banks, hedge funds and stock exchanges are among the company’s main customers, as they use those monitoring services to stay onside of regulatory requirements. Most of Global Relay’s customers have been U.S.-based, but there’s now growing demand in Europe – particularly in Britain and France – as stronger privacy laws are being enacted.

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Source : Globe and mail

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