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China leader of the 4th Industrial Revolution

China has been generating efforts to upgrade its manufacturing industry into an intelligence based, digitalised model, keeping China at the very top of the manufacturing realm.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) conducted a study in excessive of 1,000 global manufacturing plants in September, which identified nine plants as lighthouse factories, representative of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

The 4IR is fusing technologies and blurring the lines between digital, physical and biological. The cyber-physical systems stand as the fourth large step in industrial change and development since the first revolution in the 18th century.

Both big and small manufacturing companies across China are positively embracing the 4IR and opportunities that come within it, using technology as a key transformation period for the industry which is bringing China once again to the forefront of manufacturing innovations.

Already standing as the manufacturing hub of the world, China are ever developing in terms of technology that allows them to stand in power at the centre of the 4IR. To read more .

Source : Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine

Credit photo : reseauinternational.net


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