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Time-real control and supervision system of a pilot factory

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The mandate was to provide a control and supervision system for a biotechnology process pilot plant, focused on the field of therapeutic products in human health. Control and supervision had to take into account a research laboratory context, with frequent modifications and adjustments to equipment. In all, half a dozen bioreactors and related systems were to be included in the central control application.

The provided solution covering the real-time control functions consists of 5 APCs executing the ISaGRAF target under QNX 6. The inputs / outputs are connected to a remote module system under Modbus TCP / IP. This solution allows great flexibility when adding or modifying codes or new input / output modules. In addition, the PC Arc PcVue product was chosen and allows the easy integration of SCADA and HMI functionality required.

Realization specifications

Realization details
Scope of project
$ 50K - $ 100K
Year of realization
Biotech and Life Sciences
Applications used
Laboratory automation Plant automation Measurement SCADA
Technologies used
Software Industrial Programming Computers