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Smart city’s telecommunications infrastructure

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With its partner Electromega, Centris Technologies has completed nearly half a dozen projects related to smart cities on behalf of the City of Montreal. The mandates covered the design and deployment of telecommunications infrastructure for the management of urban mobility. Cameras, traffic lights, variable message signs and other components will be connected and managed from a centralized system.

The Centris team has therefore developed a prototype for configuring new switches and has received approval from the City. Then, hundreds of these switches were configured and deployed at various intersections of the City of Montreal, connecting the field components to the centralized TransSuite ™ management software. This new flexible architecture is expanding in the City’s network, which wants to connect all the components of urban mobility to the central management system.

Realization specifications

Realization details
Envergure du projet
50 K$ - 100 K$
Année de réalisation
Industriel Computing Télécommunications Services publics Transport
Applications utilisées
Contru00f4les intégrés Ingénierie de systu00e8mes
Technologies utilisées
Logiciels Réseautique
Régions du monde
Canada - Québec