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New pharmaceutical packaging line

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PCI's mandate was to integrate all this equipment into a coherent automated packaging line, controlled by a central PLC. As part of this mandate, PCI performed the following tasks:
– Electrical design of the central control panel and of the remote I/O panels
– Design of the Ethernet network to allow the central PLC to communicate with its remote I/O panels and with the packaging machines
– Machine safety analysis and design of the safety controls
– Configuration of the Ethernet devices
– Programming of the central PLC to control the operation of the line, but also the machine safety logic
– Programming of the central operator interface
– Programming of the message displays for the packaging line
– Adjustments to the PLC and HMI programs of the third-party packaging equipment to integrate them into the packaging line
– Integration of the central PLC to the plant's data acquisition system
– Supervision of the electrical installation
– Start-up of the entire packaging line at the plant
– Drafting and execution of the pharmaceutical validation protocols
– 24/7 Support

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Rockwell Software Kepware Allen-Bradley Red Lion Controls
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Canada - Québec