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Mobile robots

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Rethinking the barriers between humans and robots.

A revolution is underway that will fundamentally change how humans and robots work together.

Most factories still use robots that are bolted to the floor and quarantined behind safety fencing, but a revolution is underway to liberate robots from their cages. Driven by advances in mobile and collaborative technologies the newest breed of robots has the ability to navigate dynamic factory environments and safely work in close proximity with humans.

Leveraging KUKA’s mobile and collaborative capabilities the experts at Fitz-Thors Engineering are able to integrate robotic efficiency into factories where infrastructure challenges and space limitations might preclude the use of traditional robots. In these tricky environments the space-friendly KMR iiwa offers a shorter installation time with minimal impact on factory production. It also offers substantial savings related to safety, infrastructure, and downtime. In one example Fitz-Thors Engineering can deliver 50% cost savings for a client’s textile factory by using KUKA’s KMR iiwa robotic platform to swap spools of thread rather than a non-mobile robotic solution.

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Textile Distribution et logistique Industriel Manufacturier Plastique et caoutchouc
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AGV - Véhicules automatisés Robotics Factory automation Automation - General
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Robotics Mouvement
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