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MIG welding / Fanuc robot

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ROBOT: 1 Fanuc welding robot, Arc Mate 100iC / 8L (R-30iB).

DESCRIPTION: Robotic MIG welding cell with a rotating & swiveling table on one side of the robot and a large fixed table on the other. The parts to be welded come from the department of manufacture and are assembled on heavy machinery.

MANDATE: Train a new person to create the welding programs and operate the robotic cell. Some parts require several welding passes. The training, lasting 9.5 days, allowed the participant to first acquire the basic & specialized knowledge (“laser touch”) on the operation and movement of the robot, to learn how to create programs welding, perform them and then make the necessary adjustments for an excellent weld.

NUMBER OF PIECE MODELS: a wide variety of steel parts of different shapes.

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"Bois pâtes et papier"
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Fanuc Robotics
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Canada - Québec