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ERP Bridge

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In 2013, Pratt & Whitney is embarking on the development of three important highly automated production lines for their Longueuil plant. Centris is mandated to develop a communications interface between the main SCADA (WinCC ™) which manages all the operations of the three lines and the ERP centralized management system (SAP ™).
The Centris team therefore approached this project with a philosophy of developing a generic solution, which would allow Pratt autonomy of use and great flexibility in the event of a possible expansion elsewhere in their operations. Centris has therefore developed a module called CentrisBridge ™ ( www.centrisbridge.com ) which, instead of being tailor-made for the initial need of Pratt & amp; Whitney is in fact completely configurable for any need in exchange between an OPC UA or XML compatible system and a system with webservices. The solution has been in operation since 2015 and has been processing thousands of transactions per day between the affected systems.

Realization specifications

Realization details
Envergure du projet
100 K$ - 300 K$
Année de réalisation
Industriel Computing
Applications utilisées
Collecte de données / Rapports Ingénierie de systu00e8mes SCADA Systu00e8mes experts
Technologies utilisées
Logiciels Programmation Industrielle
Régions du monde
Canada - Québec