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Omron Canada Inc

Profile updated 9 October 2018
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Omron applies its core competencies in sensing and control technologies through a variety of operations on a global scale.
Omron Automation & Safety follows Omron Corporation’s mission and corporate principles to help our customers realize innovation in the industrial automation domain.

SINIC Theory: Seed-Innovation to Need-Impetus Cyclic Evolution

Developed by Omron’s founder, Dr. Kazuma Tateisi, and presented at the 1970 International Future Research Conference, SINIC theory acts as a compass to align our corporate strategy with society’s future needs. According to this theory, science, technology and society share a cyclical relationship, mutually impacting and influencing each other in two distinct ways. In one direction, scientific breakthroughs yield new technologies that help society to advance. In the other direction, social needs spur technological development and expectations for new scientific advancement. Thus, both of these factors affect each other in a cyclical manner, propelling further social evolution.

Omron’s Corporate Statement: Sensing tomorrow

Ever since establishment, Omron has sought to promote innovation and benefit society. Anticipating the needs of future generations is the wellspring of our daily inspiration and a way of doing business that is deeply rooted in Omron’s corporate DNA. For as long as Omron exists as a company, this will remain our mission.
No matter what challenges the future brings, we will continually develop new solutions to help build a safe and sustainable society where people enjoy peace of mind. Years of experience have taught us that true innovation is impossible if we fear failure or settle for conventional thinking. Working for the benefit of society – with an unwavering dedication to this core value, Omron will apply its unique competencies in sensing and control technology to the realms of safety, security, environmental protection and healthcare in pursuit of a brighter future for all.

Member specifications

Member specifications

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Number of employees (Quebec)
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Main resource person
Frank Pennimpede
Sales Manager, Eastern Canada
(514) 636-6676 poste 4523
(514) 452-9428
Main industries
Aerospace Automobile Consumers Goods Distribution and Logistics Water Packaging Energy Industrial Industrial Computing Infrastructure Manufacturing Furniture Mining and Metals Petrochemical Plastic and Rubber Pharmaceutical Machinery and Tooling
Main technologies
PLC Automation Linear axis Sensors Measurement & Analytics Software Motion Computers Industrial Programming Robotics Machine safety Vision and tracing Distributed Control Systems Drives
Main applications
21 CFR Part 11 Automatic guided vehicles Data processing / management Signal process Automation Plant automation Data collection/reporting Electric drive technology Batch control Level control Pressure control Process control Temperature control Inventory management Advanced Controls Embedded controls PC-based controls Cutting Packaging Measurement Robotics Machine Safety DCS Traceability of products
Brands and tools
Brands distributed
Adept Technology Delta Tau Data Systems InduSoft Omron Electronics
Services provided
Training Embedding Consulting services Support and industrial maintenance
Annual revenues and territories
Annual revenues
$1 G and +
Administrative Region
06 - Montréal
Other business locations
Other resource persons
Pierre Archambault
Automation and mecatronic Specialist
(514) 636-6676
(514) 293-8740

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