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Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Realized by :

Increase reliability of machines and components as well as the stability of the overall system by accurately predicting early indicators of potential failures.

Help your customers to:
Provide visibility into how systems, machines and components are performing.
Provide insights into how a component’s surroundings or environment impacts performance.
Save costs by minimizing or eliminating unplanned downtime due to component failure.
Catch issues or potential failures before they occur by creating alerts / alarms.
Provide automated responses to changing conditions or variables
Increase operational efficiency by maintaining optimal machine performance.
Put building blocks in place for a solid maintenance strategy
Offer a root cause analysis by quickly identifying primary variables relating to failures.
Predict where, when and why component failures are likely to occur
Reduce scrap / waste by maintaining optimal machine performance.
Acquire and monitor data trends for decision making at critical control points.
Protect worker safety by preventing machine failures that can lead to a hazardous environment.

Realization specifications

Realization details
Year of realization
Aerospace Food and Beverage Automobile Consumers Goods Distribution and Logistics Water Chemical Electronic and High Tech Industrial Infrastructure Machinery and Tooling Manufacturing Packaging Furniture Mining and Metals Plastic and Rubber Petrochemical Pharmaceutical
Applications used
Omron Electronics