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Robovic Inc

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Type de Membre equipementier
Type d'entreprise fab-de-produits
Secteur d'industrie-
machines / équipements fabriqués-
Produits distribuésPalletizing, bagging, tote filling
Équipements -
Chiffre d'affaires -
Formation offerte -
Produits Fabriqués/Distribués robotique,cellules-robotisees
Segment de compétence aeronautique,aerospaciale,agroalimentaire,ameublement,bioalimentaire,biotechnique,chimie,eau-potable,emballage,energie-biomasse,energie-eolien,energie-geothermie,entreprosage,environnement,mines,peinture-industrielle,petrochimie-raffinage,pharmaceutique,textiles,cosmetique
Machines Fabriqués/Distribués conveying,conveyor,etiquetage-marquage,macine-emballage,packaging-systems-robo,palettiseur,palettisation-mixte,palettisation-robotises,systeme-palettisation

Robovic specializes in end of line palletizing solutions. Our company designs, manufactures and installs palletizing solutions for bags, boxes, milk crates and sheets.

Another sector Robovic has developed its expertise is in the tote/big bag handling. There are 2 systems available for bags up to 2,000 kg; the semi- automatic solution which requires an operator and the fully automatic solution which integrates a robot.

We can also provide bagging solutions by integrating Austrian company Statec Binder’s automated systems.


Throughout our 30 yrs of experience we’ve successfully installed more than 500 automated and robotic projects.


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